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e-z Cert South Africa is a community for exporters and gives you access to the e-z Cert service where you can get a certificate of origin or your other documents certified.

Only select this option if your company doesn't already have an e-z Cert account.



Registration Help

Step by Step Guide You must follow these steps in order to start using e-z Cert
1. User Registration Register as an e-z Cert User to access the community and participate in user forums.
2. Account Creation To get certified documents you will need to setup a new e-z Cert Exporter Account, you will be automatically be re-directed to the account setup page once logged in.
3. Letter of Waiver To get access to your new e-z Cert Exporter Account you must have a Letter of Waiver setup with your Chamber and they will then enable your access to the e-z Cert service and certified documents.
In e-z Cert South Africa you can:
  • Become a member of more than one Exporter Account
  • Request to join another Exporter Account
  • Create new Exporter Accounts