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18/05/2012 08:15
OK here is the problem.......last week i went and bought lots and lots of children's cloth and ladies garments from east London . i want these to be shipped to the customer in the  Caribbean , now all i got was a small invoice which only states the quantity and price. (its not official receipt).
now as i have to export to the customer in the  Caribbean , i need a clothes which have a sticker in it which states a country of origin....none of my garments have a tag which says "MADE IN CHINA" , i phoned the shop which i bought it from and he don't want to know.but have agreed to issue me a invoice with company details.and he advised me to get certificate of origin.
where can i obtain certificate of origin from? what am i supposed to do in this circumstances. one of the shop have agreed to put a writing in invoice saying made in china!!! is that good enough?my customer in the Caribbean insists to get certificate of origin as there are no tags in the garment which states where they are made . but there is a external writings in Chinese language.
Thank you
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18/05/2012 08:58
Hi Saurav

In order to ship your goods you will need proof of origin which can be in the form of a certificate of origin, that can be obtained from your local chamber of commerce. In this case it would be best that you spoke directly to your local chamber by contacting them at the following details:

London Chamber of Commerce
33 Queen Street
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7203 1856

I hope this helps,

i2i Helpdesk Team
New Post
23/05/2012 14:56
Hi - quite a basic question to start with as my company has not started to make use of e-z cert yet. We import musical and sound equipment from China. Hong Kong, Macau and USA. and re-export to Europe and Middle East. Particularly when exporting to UAE we are requested to supply a COO. As we ship ex-works we do not usually get involved in official documents and up to now have merely supplied the customer's forwarder with copy invoices from our suppliers (with prices deleted) and requested them to apply to their local chamber for a COO. Whilst we do not apply for the COO ourselves it still involves a fair amount of work and therefore I wondered if we would save time/effort by doing it ourselves and applying on line for a COO. Would we still have to provide supplier invoices to back up the application? There are usually products from several countries on each shipment to the customer.

Many thanks
New Post
23/05/2012 16:46
Hi Peter

It sounds as though you may be better off speaking to your local chamber of commerce who would be best suited to advise you on international trade options.  You can find details of your local chamber by using the 'Chamber Directory' option under the 'About' drop-down in e-z Cert World.

In regards to your specific question, then I can confirm that the chamber would need back up evidence to be sent through to them, and this can be done by uploading a PDF of the document electronically (and securely) using e-z Cert.  Again, this is something that can be discussed in more detail with a representative from your local chamber.

I hope this points you in the right direction,

Best regards,
The i2i Helpdesk
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