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The i2i Document Viewer

The i2i Document Viewer

The i2i Document Viewer
has been specially developed to manage document printing in e-z Cert to provide more flexible management of printing to the pre-printed certificates which are required for certified Certificates of Origin.    Whilst documents can be produced using the industry standard PDF tools, the additional functionality in the i2i Document Viewer with provide better quality documents produced more easily.    Functionality includes:

  • Controls which paper trays are used for each document
  • Prompts the user to insert paper and pauses the printing and prompts for certain pages to be turned over, for example to print the back of the "pink". 
  • An option to select duplex printing if your printer has this functionality
  • The ability to set and store on each printer, the data being printed matched to the alignment of the pre-printed stationery used, page by page.   This is particularly useful when printing Arab certificates


The i2i Document Viewer produces documents in a unique format with varying levels of encryption to ensure security of the document, including the data, signatures and stamps contained within the documents. 

The i2i Document Viewer is availabel FREE OF CHARGE and can be accessed from Downloads on the menu bar of this web site.