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Printing Certificates from ez Cert

Certificates of Origin produced in the EU must be printed onto special pre-printed stationery which can be supplied by your Chamber of Commerce.

e-z Cert creates the data to be printed onto this stationery and, if the eXpress service is used, will print electronic stamps and signatures.  This is then printed onto the pre-printed stationery.

The i2i Document Viewer
We recommend the use of the i2i Document Viewer to manage printing from e-z Cert as it has been specially designed to give you control.  It is important that high quality documents are produce so alignment of the data on the form is very important. 

The i2i Document Viewer must be downloaded onto each computer in your organisations which will be used to print certificates.   The viewer will allow you to adjust the alignment of the data on each page of the certificates to match the printer and pre-printed stationery you are using.  One the perfect settings are achieved these can be stored by the i2i Document Viewer for future use. 

Note:   PCL print drivers must be used with the i2i Document viewer which does not support Post Script (PS) print drivers.     If you need to use PS print drivers then you must select PDF printing.