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Preparing Documents on behalf of someone else

Q.  I would like to use e-z Cert eXpress, but currently my Managing Director signs the documents which I prepare.  If I use e-z Cert eXpress to prepare the Certificates, which will then use scanned signatures, whose signature will be used on the document if my MD is not an e-Cert user?

Answer from BCC
e-z Cert allows users to prepare documents for someone else to sign.  You would have to create your MD on the system and have his signature scanned and uploaded into the system.  Once you have prepared the documents, he could just go in and click on edit and then just add his scanned signature to the document and submit them.  If he doesn't  want to bother going in to the system and signing them you could still upload his scanned signature and then get him to sign a letter of authority allowing you to use his scanned signature, which the chamber would then keep on file so that when they are inspected it shows that you have the authority to use his signature.