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Managing Signatures

Scanned signatures are used in e-z Cert to enable signed documents to be produced electronically.    Each e-z Cert user who is authorised to sign documents will need to scan their signature and upload it into e-z Cert.  This must be the same signature which has been submitted to your Chamber of Commerce with your Formal Undertaking. 

On creating your first e-z Cert application you will be prompted to upload your signature.  When entering your name as part of this process you must enter it as you will want it to appear on the printed certificates.  NB.Dont forget to use capital letters where necessary to ensure it prints as you would wish to see it. 


Signature Wizard

In order to ensure that signatures meet acceptalbe standards for size and quality there is a minimum specification which is accepted by e-z Cert.  The system will check whether your uploaded signature meets this specifiation and if it does not it will give you access to the signature wizard which will allow you to crop and enhance scanned signatures to meet the acceptable standard.


 Signature Specification:

-          Microsoft .BMP format
-          Maximum size - half inch high x two inches wide
-          Black and White (1-bit)
-          300 dpi
-          Maximum size 30kb
Microsoft .BMP format: When saving the scanned image, choose to save it in this format.
Maximum size - half inch high x two inches wide: When you physically sign your specimen signature onto blank paper, ensure that the signature does not exceed this size.   You can then scan the image at full size and crop off any surrounding superfluous image that surrounds the signature (therefore scanning just the signature itself and not the whole page).
Black and White (1 bit): This will vary between different scanning applications, but generally you should be looking for the lowest quality scanning option (i.e. text or fax quality, instead of black and white or full colour photo quality).
300 dpi:   This will vary between different scanning packages, but generally this option should either be selectable at the time of scanning, or will be set up as the default scanning resolution for the scanner. 
Maximum Size 30kb: If all of the above requirements have been fulfilled, then the image should not exceed 30kb in size.