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Managing Preprinted Stationery

Completing the back of the "Pink"
Q.  We import products from Canada and then re-export them.  We do not carry out any manufacturing or processing on these products, so I am unsure which statement I should select on the back of the pink?

Answer from  BCC
You should tick box 3 - Foreign Origin and you will also need to supply evidence to back this up to your chamber, of who manufactures these products, this can be in the form of a commercial invoice.

Copies of the "pink" must be retained by the exporter for a minimum of 2 years after certification, to allow the Chamber to inspect them if required.

Spoiled Documents
Q.  What do I do if I spoil the allocated documents and they are unusable?

Answer from BCC
If ‘spoils’ occur, you must notify the chamber and then re-apply by copying the original application  inserting a new number in the application, and submit again?  All spoiled C of O’s must be returned to the Chamber.