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ez Cert Users

Registered Users

You can register as a user on e-z Cert World.  This gives you access to knowledge and forums in e-z Cert World and allows you to choose which e-z Cert Accounts you wish to use. 

Your user name in e-z Cert is your email address and you can choose your own unique password.  For security reasons it is bad practice to share your user name and passwords with other users. 

You can access your user profile in e-z Cert World if you wish to change any of your details or change your password. 

As a registered user you will be able to see all applications in the Company Accounts of which you are a member, including those raised by other users of the Company Account.

Administrator Users

If you are an Administrator user you will have the ability to add and delete other users and to change some settings within your Company Account.    You should have at least 2 Administrator users in case one is on holiday or sick when a change is required.  

It is important that the Administrator manages the list of users in the Company Account to ensure that it is always up to date and that users who have left the company or moved to a different job, are deleted as soon as possible. 

The Administrator has control over who is allowed access to the Company Account and must either invite new users or accept applications from colleagues to be a user on the Account.