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eXpress Service

The e-z Cert eXpress service is a fully electronic application process enabling Certificates of Origin to be applied for and approved online.    On approval the applicant will be able to print the data, signatures and stamps onto the statutory pre-printed Certificate of Origin stationery. 

To use the eXpress service, you should create an application in e-z Cert and then select the eXpress service.  As part of the application process you will be required to supply the certificate number on which the data will be printed.   This number will be embedded into the approval stamp and must match the number on the pre-printed stationery in order for the document to be valid. 

When submitting your eXpress application you will have the opportunity to add any notes to your chamber. 

If you use the eXpress service, you will be printing all copies of the documents including the file copies.  Regulations dictate that these copies must be retained for audit purposes.   Some Chambers of Commerce will ask you to send the file copies to them, otherwise it is the responsibility of the exporter to retain these copies for minimum periods as follows:

EC Certificates of Origin - - 2 years

EUR and A.TR Certificates - 3 years