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Data Entry in ez Cert

Manual Entry

For most e-z Cert users the simplest way to use e-z Cert is to manually enter information into e-z Cert.  Much of the data entered will be stored for future use and previous applications can be copied and modified to create new applications.  Using this method you can use e-z Cert to:

  • Get your EC and Arab Certificates of Origin, and EUR1 and A.TR documents certified online 

  • Use e-z Cert eXpress to provide a same day service using electronic stamps and signatures

  • Upload scanned copies of original documents to be reviewed and certified by your local chamber using the eXpress service.

e-z Cert Data Link

e-z Cert can receive a file of data from any business system.  An agreed file of data can be read into e-z Cert to take the re-keying out of certificate applications.