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The information provided in this knowledge base is based on the knowledge an experience gained by users of e-Cert.  If you have some knowledge which you would like to share with other e-Cert users then please email us to have it added.

Managing Users and e-Cert Accounts
e-Cert Users
e-Cert Accounts
Managing leavers

Preparing Your e-Cert Account for Use
Formal Undertaking
Managing Signatures
The i2i Document Viewer

Making Applications in e-Cert
Arab / Legalised Document Applications
A.TR Applications
Data Entry in eCert
EC Certificate of Origin Applications
EUR1 Applications
eXpress Service
Interfacing with e-Cert
Premium eXpress Service
Printing Certificates from eCert
Stamping Original Documents
Standard Service
Submitting Applications to your Chamber
Uploading Documents

Regulation Questions and Answers
Completing Box 6 on an EC C of O
Evidence when applying for an EUR1
Managing Preprinted Stationery
Manufacturer Details on EC C of O
Preparing Documents on behalf of someone else


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