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The information provided in this knowledge base is based on the knowledge an experience gained by users of e-Cert.  If you have some knowledge which you would like to share with other e-Cert users then please email us to have it added.

Managing Users and e-Cert Accounts
e-Cert Users
e-Cert Accounts
Managing leavers

Preparing Your e-Cert Account for Use
Formal Undertaking
Managing Signatures
The i2i Document Viewer

Making Applications in e-Cert
Arab / Legalised Document Applications
A.TR Applications
Data Entry in eCert
EC Certificate of Origin Applications
EUR1 Applications
eXpress Service
Printing Certificates from eCert
Stamping Original Documents
Standard Service
Uploading Documents

Regulation Questions and Answers
Completing Box 6 on an EC C of O
Evidence when applying for an EUR1
Managing Preprinted Stationery
Manufacturer Details on EC C of O
Preparing Documents on behalf of someone else


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