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History for rejections, why are applications rejected? (history as of 05/09/2012 13:04:02)

The completion of Certificates of Origin in a regulated process which is managed by Chambers of Commerce who are issuing bodies, and is regulated by British Chambers of Commerce on behalf of BIS.  


Any application for a certificate which does not comply with the regulations will be rejected by the Chamber of Commerce and will need to be corrected and re-applied for.    Applications should always be checked before submission, and here are some of the common reasons why applications are rejected:

1.  The data in the application is not the same as the evidence supplied - the data must be the same although it is acceptable for the signature on an invoice to be different from the signature of the person applying for the certificate.

2.   Weights missing on the application - all applications must include the gross weight in kg but optionally the net weight can be included as well

3.   Spelling mistakes

4.   Country appearing twice on the address - it is not necessary to add the address to box 2 as the system will automatically populate this. 

5.  Description of goods must be generic - a brand name must not be used to describe the goods covered by the certificate


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