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History for uploading documents (history as of 21/02/2011 12:59:54)

Uploaded Documents as part of an e-Cert Application
Documents can be uploaded to e-Cert as part of the application process.   Documents may be required as evidence to support the certificate application, or may be required to be certified by the Chamber.  It should be made clear when making an e-Cert application what the purpose on the uploaded document is. 

Stamping Original Documents
Original documents such as Inspection Certificates or Health Certificates can now be approved and stamped online.  These documents which are produced on special paper by the originator of the certificate, can be scanned and uploaded to e-Cert.  The Chamber will review and approve these documents and can decide where the electronic stamp will be placed on the original document.

The applicant will be sent an email with the stamp and co-ordinates for positioning it onto the original document.  For security reasons this stamp can only be printed once. 

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