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“Since you have changed to providing eCerts, the system is now much quicker and more convenient. Before, we had to type/complete the Certificate of Origin and take it to the Chamber for stamping but now we can
complete the whole process online. We get a very fast and efficient service from Norfolk Chamber and it is very easy to use once set up. If there are any problems, there is always someone to speak to and advise.”
-Mike Bishop - MA Freight Services Ltd, Kings Lyn
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
“I and my colleague Michelle, have found that since we have been able to apply for Certificates of Origin electronically online, it has saved both ourselves and our customers valuable time and money,. There is also
the reliability of knowing that the documents will be back for us to print off on the same day. This service is excellent!”

-Linda Donaldson, Wilson UK Ltd, Great Yarmouth
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
“Our experience with using the eCert service has been nothing but positive. The service is easy to use and the application document is easy to fill in. The consignee details can be saved on the database so for regular customers, filling in details can be done quickly and easily. The accepted application is usually returned within a couple of hours so the clients are not left waiting for their essential certificates. There is also no risk of the document going missing or being delayed in transit. There is a mandatory field box with each step listed and as they are completed, they are ticked off so you know if any details are missing and what they are. I can honestly say that this is an excellent service and I would highly recommend it!”

-Angela Burks - Exheat Ltd, Watton
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
1. Before this was introduced we had to travel about 1 hour each way to take the certificates to be stamped to the Shropshire Chamber office. Not only did this take time out of my day there was also added expense of diesel in the company car, which had to be booked a week in advance

2. Sometimes we have to send out goods to non EU countries on short notice and before e-Cert express these goods had to be held as we could not arrange transport to get the documents stamped on time.

3. I produce Ukraine Certificates of origin which are very complicated, and sometimes if I make a mistake on them then this can easily be rectified via the e-Cert system without the need of messy correction stamps

In short we find the e-Cert system invaluable as in the future the company is looking to open franchises in other non EU countries as diversified as Russia and China. And to this end we would find the EURs on the e-Cert system very useful also.

-Laura Ashley - Wendy Ellis
Shropshire Chamber of Commerce
“e-Cert has been of enormous help to Mothercare in reducing time taken to produce documents - Northamptonshire Chamber return express applications same day - with cost savings as well…”
-Mothercare - Paul Whiteman
Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce
“I use this system when applying for Certificates of Origin and it couldn’t be easier. The onscreen application is clear and simple to use. There is no chance of missing any fields as the onscreen prompt clearly shows
which fields are still to be completed. The response time from Norfolk Chamber is second to none allowing for applications to be completed within a matter of hours. With the eXpress service, the certificates once approved, can be printed off here in our own office. I cannot recommend this service highly enough!”
-Anne Kirk - Bernard Matthews Farms, Norwich
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
“I have been using the eCert Application and must say that I am very impressed with it. Using new applications can be a daunting experience but I have found it to be one of the easiest I have used in a while.
The thing I like about it is that you can easily view each area of the form you are completing and it doesn’t take hours to complete the document, just a few minutes in fact. I have completed a few forms on the new system and can honestly say, If I can use it, anyone can!”

-Paul Aldis - Vanilla Electronics Ltd, Thetford
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
"Many thanks for your help. This is an urgent Vehicle Off Road consignment which has now been sent - much to our customer’s surprise! They are very impressed that we were able to get a consignment out with such a short turn around time with certified documents."
-Holset Engineering
Chamber Management Services, Bradford
Excellent service from the North East Chamber of Commerce, fast and efficient will definitely use again. Many thanks for all your help.
-Karl Turner - RPJ Engineering
North East Chamber of Commerce
Claudia prepares the export documents for UK exports to US and Canada and prints the certificate of origin in USA once approved by Glasgow Chamber.

I am 100% satisfied with this service, the documents are accurate and not once have they been rejected by the country of destination.

I would encourage anyone who is able to use this service to utilize it. In my opinion this service has greatly helped our business here at Beam, and having the ability to process an EUR1 from my office would solve a good portion of my delays in documents and decrease problems with some of my distributors.

-Beam Global - Claudia Vera
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce