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How e-z Cert Works
Find out how you can get your certificate of origin online using e-z Cert.
How e-z Cert works for certificates of origin
User Registration and Company Accounts

Register as a new user on e-z Cert UK, this will provide you with an 'i2i Passport' log in which you can use to log into any i2i affiliated web site, including e-z Cert UK.

After you have logged into e-z Cert UK with your new user log in, you will be re-directed to the company account setup page where you have the option to create a new company account. This will register your company to use the e-z Cert service and enable you to apply for certificates of origin online, and also get other documents certified.

If you are a freight forwarder or work for multiple companies, you can create as many e-z Cert company accounts as you want by accessing the 'New Account Setup' page.

You can also create e-z Cert accounts with more than one chamber, the choice is yours.

Once you have setup a new e-z Cert company account you will be automatically redirected to the 'My e-z Cert' page.

In order to have documents certified by your chosen chamber of commerce, you are required to have a signed 'Formal Undertaking Agreement' in place, you can't start a new e-z Cert application for certified documents until this agreement has been completed to the satisfaction of your chosen chamber of commerce and the chamber have authorised your account.

There is a link in the e-z Cert tool where you can download the required documents. These must be completed fully and returned to the contact at your chosen chamber of commerce.

If you already have a formal undertaking agreement in place with your chamber then the chamber will confirm this and enable your e-z Cert company account.

After your e-z Cert company account has been enabled you will be able to start an application for certified documents.

New Certificate Application

You need access to the e-z Cert service in order to apply for certified documents or to obtain a certificate of origin.

When you login to e-z Cert UK, the first page you will arrive on is the My e-z Cert Home page. To access your e-z Cert Company Account and start creating applications; first, select the Company Account you wish to access from the e-z Cert Select Account dropdown, and then click on the blue Launch e-z Cert button. This will take you to the Dashboard page for the e-z cert Company Account you have selected.

What Documents Can I Apply For?

Using the e-z Cert service you can apply for the following documents and more;


ATA Carnet - Avoid paying duties for your temporary exports by applying for an ATA Carnet

  • Certificate of Origin - Certify the country of origin for your products
  • EUR1 - Preferential rates document for the movement of goods (EU)
  • ATR.1 - Movement certificate for preferential import duty treatment when shipping to Turkey
  • Upload Any Document - Get signatures verified by your chamber of commerce on any document

Now that you are logged in and have launched e-z Cert, you are ready to start creating your application.

You can jump right in by selecting New Application, which is found in the Quick Links on the Dashboard.

You can also start a new application by clicking on the blue +NEW button that is found on the Dashboard next to Applications or by browsing to the Applications page. Applications will also display any previous applications you have made.

To help you identify your application at a later date, the next step is to give it a reference. Once this is done, you are ready to select the destination country and the certificates to complete or documents to upload for certification by your Chamber of Commerce. 

e-z Cert uses handy dynamic guides that will display your application progress and offer you useful advice and information as you go. Once all of the Red Crosses have turned to Green Ticks the progress bar will be 100% Complete and turn Green. you are now ready to Checkout your application to the Chamber of Commerce for stamping and final completion.

Top Tip: You can save and return to your e-z Cert application at anytime by selecting the Green Save button.

With the Checkout completed, your Chamber of Commerce will review and process your e-z Cert application, returning it to you stamped and signed.

eXpress Applications - Self-Printing
The e-z Cert eXpress service uses electronic stamps and signatures, which means your certificates and documents can be returned to you via e-z Cert within moments of processing. You will then be able to print the documents via your PC or devices with your own printer. 

Standard Applications - Chamber Printing
The Chamber of Commerce will print your certificates and documents on your behalf and return the completed documents to you via your agreed method. Sometimes, due to country restrictions, some applications need to be stamped and signed manually and will require that you use the Standard service for your application.

Top Tip: For self-printing you may need blank copies of specific certificates or stationary to print your approved applications onto. If you are not sure what you need, please don't hesitate to check with your approving Chamber of Commerce.