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Certificate of Origin
Certificate of Origin (C of O) - Online Certified Documents
Apply for your online certified documents from your local chamber of commerce using e-z Cert.
Overview of Certified Documents
Certified documents can be required when exporting goods and requiring customs clearance. Chambers of Commerce in the Canada are licenced and regulated to provide a service for certifying documents, and you can receive this service at the chamber or online using e-z Cert (Register Free).

e-z Cert was the first and is the largest provider of electronic certificates of origin and other certified documents. Launched in 2000 the product has grown significantly and influenced electronic certification across the globe.

What Documents Can be Certified?
  • Canadian Certificate of Origin - a Certificate of Origin may be required for any country worldwide
  • Export Invoice - commercial invoice used as customs declaration
  • Other Original Documents - such as Inspection Certificates and Health Certificates
Save Time and Money
Send certificates directly to your Chamber of Commerce through the internet, it will arrive in seconds and have your document returned in the same day.

Cost Benefits
Due to the popularity of e-z Cert we are able to offer the most competitive pricing in the market. e-z Cert is the largest provider of online Certificates of Origin.

The service is provided as a software as a service (SaaS) and so there is no need to install or maintain desktop software.

e-z Cert is free to use and your local chamber charge a minimal amount to certify your documents.

The e-z Cert service is available 24x7x365.
Chamber Approved

e-z Cert Features
  • Upload supporting evidence
  • Save, copy and print your certified applications
  • Signature verification on any document
  • Receives data directly from your buisness system
Why Use Our e-z Cert System?
  • Save time on travel to the chamber
  • Save money on couriers
  • Reduce errors with online validation
  • Manage application history
Find a Local Chamber of Commerce
You need to have a relationship with your local chamber of commerce to use e-z Cert and get your documents certified online.
Follow the link to the e-z Cert chamber directory to find your nearest chamber of commerce.
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