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i2i has developed e-z Cert (formally eCert) in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce since 1999. This relationship with BCC has enabled us to ensure that regulations are complied with and that Chamber working practices are reflected in the service. 

Since eCert version 1 was launched in 2000, we have worked together to develop and improve the service, based on feedback from both Chambers of Commerce and exporting organisations who use the service.

Version 3 of eCert introduced the eXpress service, a same day service using electronic stamps and signatures to allow exporters to print their approved documents.  Version 4, launched on 1st July 2008, extended the service to include EUR and A.TR documents.
A completely new look was given to Version 5 to help first time users get started quickly, and the introduction of eCert World helped to improve communication between chambers and their exporters.

In 2011 eCert was re-branded as e-z Cert bringing it into line with i2i's other e-z online services for exporters.   This 6th version, further simplifies the process of applying for certified documents and helps exporters get it right first time.   The e-z Cert World portal, through which e-z Cert is accessed, enables users to access training material and find out about e-z Cert, and to interact with other users of e-z Cert via a forum, to share best practice and obtain support and advice if needed.

In late 2014 our online ATA Carnet functionality was added to e-z Cert to provide exporters with an advanced online application process for ATA Carnet's and help promote more chamber services to exporting companies.

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