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You can download our PDF user guide, you will need a PDF reader on order to view this document

Training Videos

e-z Cert Preview

Watch the e-z Cert preview

Watch our e-z Cert preview video and find out what e-z Cert can do for you.
e-z Cert Preview

Creating an application in e-z Cert

Watch our tutorial and find out how easy it is to create a new application for a certifcate of origin or other certified document.
e-z Cert Preview

Completing an application in e-z Cert

Watch our tutorial and find to complete your application for a certified document.

Printing Your Documents

Step 1 - Select an Application

From inside the e-z Cert application and from the main application list, you will be able to print your documents by hovering over the required application and clicking on the printer icon, as indicated below.

Step 2 - Trial Print

From the print dialogue window you will be able to print review your documents in order to check the alignment to your stationery is correct, this is called a ‘Trial Print’. By using the arrows, indicated in the image below, you will be able to adjust your print up, down, left and right in millimetres, when satisfied you can select ‘Final Print’, your print settings will be automatically saved for your next visit.

Note: You can only get a final print for applications that have been accepted by your Chamber of Commerce.

Step 3 - Final Print

Once you have aligned your documents and your application has been accepted, you are ready for the ‘Final Print’ on to your stationery, you have options to print all pages as one document or just the front pages or similarly just the back pages which will assist with printer output.

Optionally, if you have a duplex printer, you can select the ‘duplex printing’ option and we will add blank pages in the correct locations so that the documents are printed in one run.

Step 4 - Using Adobe Acrobat

You may or may not use Adobe Acrobat but in order to get an accurate print you need to make sure your PDF printing tool doesn’t have any type of scaling selected, it is normal for this type of software to default to fit the print by scaling.

The example below is a screenshot from Adobe Acrobat, ask your local IT professional should you require assistance.

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